The Pallet Challenge

We have got a challenge for you! 

Can your team take apart a pallet, and turn it into a beautiful product to put up in your office?


This workshop has been designed to

promote creativity, problem solving and team building within the workplace. 

We are here to help you to use the power of making to bring your teams back together!

old pallet.jpg

This is a full hands-on team-building experience!


Your team will be given a range of tools to complete the first task of dismantling a reclaimed pallet. 

After the team have safely dismantled the pallet, the challenge is to work together as a team

to design and construct a bespoke product to take back to the office. 

We have a full workshop of power tools and laser cutting equipment to bring the final design to life!

Sami, our qualified Product Designer and 3D Instructor

will be on hand to instruct the team on how to use the equipment safely.

The final product can be embellished with your business' vision / mission statement 

or with a phrase of the teams choice that sums up their team. 

The final product can be hung up in your office as a reminder of a great day had by all!

This is a full day experience and is supported by Sami, our qualified Product Designer and 3D Instructor.

Lunch at one of our neighbouring eateries is included too! 


Cup Rack .jpg

We can currently host groups of up to 5 makers, within our workshop space.

If you have larger teams we can run multiple sessions in small groups. 

We can even run a competition to see which groups can make

the best product for your office space too! 

We are taking bookings for groups of up to 10 from April next year. 

Where two teams can compete against each other to create the most inspirational product! 

If you would like to book your team on this unique challenge,

just give us a call and we would love to help your teams to jump

out of their comfort zones and into a world of power tools and creativity!

Tickets are £149.95 per person.